Writing about Equines

Kerry has had many articles published in UK equestrian magazines (and further afield...):-

Riding Dynamics is Kerry's book exploring horse and rider as a unified system.

Saving Tamtam is a follow-on article to "Power Source". It explores the rehabilitation of a horse with muscular problems.

Helping Hoof for the Fells Cumbria magazine pp 18-21 September 2017

Power Source: Keep your horse on top form by taking care of his muscles Horse Magazine pp84-87 www.horsemagazine.co.uk April 2013

Improve your riding without riding!. source

Improve your riding without riding! Horse & Rider Magazine pp57-64 January 2010

Introducing Riding Dynamics Equine Excellence Magazine (Australia) January 2009

Ideas from French Dressage British Dressage Magazine January 2006

Vive La France (Episode Deux) Horse & Rider Magazine pp48-52 July 2005

Vive La France (Part 1). source

Headshakers Anonymous. source

Vive La France (Part 1) Horse & Rider Magazine pp16-20 June 2005

Headshakers Anonymous Horse & Rider Magazine pp88-90 May 2000

The Emperor's New Clothes April 2000

Learning the Language of Feel. source

Learning the Language of Feel Horse & Rider Magazine pp 32-35 April 1998