Towards a Human Society of Trust and Truth: A 2120 Vision

The Purpose of Life is The Life of Purpose. Playing our part in a universal whole, we prioritise three activities: 1) We take care of ourselves. The definition of ourself has expanded to include the whole System. 2) We take care of our relationships. This enables us to achieve (1). Strong relationships are built on trust. 3) We seek to discover and share the truth. This enables us to achieve (2). And takes us from Pre-tense to Pre-Sense. # Education Education is seen as a lifelong activity. It is free. Individuals are encouraged to find their talent (purpose) then use it for the good of the whole. All talents are equally valued so payment (whether in money or in kind) is not a distraction from true purpose. There is no formal school structure as such. School has moved in focus from 3Rs (Reading, Remembering, Regurgitating) to 4Is (Impact, Interactions, Insight, Intervention). Small groups of children are coached by elders (people who are held in high esteem for their wisdom and facilitation skills.) There are no formal teachers. Everything is seen as a teacher. The question is always what can I learn from this X?

Communication skills are emphasized as the basis for creating strong relationships. All forms of communication are explored: verbal and non verbal and between different species. Language is seen as just one form of communication.

Education 3.0 is underpinned by Science 3.0: The systemic search for deeper and deeper Truth.

Qualifications have disappeared. They are irrelevant in a society where uniqueness is celebrated. We make our judgements about others based on our direct first person experiences.

The relationship between Suffering and Learning is understood. It is recognized that there is no real learning without risk. It is accepted that there will be failures if we are to grow. These failures no longer cause mental suffering as they are accepted. It is seen that those who never fail have simply never sufficiently challenged their reality.

No truth is withheld. All truth is shared. Our motto is: Live! Learn! Share!

# Health As a result of our focus on (1) and (2) the appearance of depression and anxiety is no longer a part of “the human condition”.

The NHS has disappeared, replaced by an UWS (Universal Well being System). Knowledge on diet and exercise has boosted our immune systems and, together with our purposeful lives, has eradicated much physical illness. Ironically there are more accidents as people take more risks (in order to learn). However, no one can profit from another’s learning or illness, so insurance has disappeared.

People are free to die when they wish. It is not seen as an end to be feared just a transformation of form. There are easy ways out for those who wish, however few take this up as their lives are full of purpose.

# Family/Law/Property The word family has a bigger meaning. It is the family of everything. There is no marriage, so no divorce or rejection. It is irrelevant in a society of 1 family. IVF is no longer practiced. And all other forms of AI/genetic manipulation of species has been abandoned. Its not needed because children are seen as “ours” rather than “mine”. Words like I/my have been removed from the dictionary as we/ours predominate. Parenting is a universal skill as we are all parents to all children.

All property is in common ownership, so there is no inheritance, other than genetic. Crime doesn’t exist: Everybody already has everything so what is there to steal? Communities trust each other and have worked together to eradicate crime at its source. There are no prisons. Resources are managed in line with population so there is no scarcity. This has cured us of greed. The focus on inner wealth creation has made wealth harder to steal.

# Money/Economy/Business There is a universal “wage” of “notes of exchange”. No one earns more or less. There are no savings and no debt, so no banks. What is not spent “disappears” so there is no time value to money. Wealth is seen as internal.

There is no stock exchange because there are no shareholders. Everyone is self employed. There is no tax. There are no boundaries so no tariffs on trade and people are free to travel and live where they wish. In fact they are encouraged to travel to share their knowledge and learn from others.

There is a true circular economy. There is no waste. Nothing is created which can’t be used. Th dynamics of climate are well understood since the climate crisis 100 years ago. The system is managed to maintain equilibrium, in the same way we manage our individual equilibrium.

# The way forward Stafford Beer said “The purpose of a system is what it does”. Look at the systems around you. Do you support what these systems are doing? Isn’t it time we created systems which serve a purpose we want rather than what we currently have?

What is the purpose of our education system? What is the purpose of a school or a university? What is the purpose of a business? What is your purpose?!