ST2050 was the name I gave to the program I started in 2018. A single woman effort to change the UK ed system!

- I engaged with Hull University (via my PhD), the OR Society's OR in Schools initiative and STEM UK. - I spent time in schools understanding what was happening and conducting experiments to understand what might turn kids on to Systems. - I created a ST experience for 10/11 yr olds in Hull schools via HEY CU with the support of Rix and the Ferns ed trust. - I worked with St Ebbe's school in Oxford (introduced by head of the board of governors, fellow STer, Steve Whitla. - I sought international programs to evaluate and found Shell NXplorers and Senge's Compassionate Systems . - I tried to get exam boards interested in creating a new qualification in ST and, when that failed, tried to get it crammed into existing qualifications such as Geography and Biology. - I started to travel where-ever I was called. I went to India with Genwise in 2019 and Colombia in 2020 (funded by the COINS Foundation ).

What I learnt: - Its difficult to get into UK schools without cover (my PhD, the OR Society and STEM scheme were my cover. - A PhD evaluation study will not change the world! - Disconnect between academia and real world - I can’t evaluate myself! - Needs to be a “reward” post 14 years (qualification or prize) - Involving parents works well (home schooling) - Engagement is key – focus on things they value - Single workshops or days out of school have limited impact – need an integrated program - Primary schools with committed headteachers are opportunities - Don’t make the ed system do the wrong thing righter!

I had a group of maybe 30 people following me. Now I realise they weren't following. It was like I was acting on a stage and they were the audience watching and applauding when things went well and commiserating when they went badly. What I wanted was people getting on the stage and acting with me. That is commitment. It showed me the difference between Engagement vs Commitment.