Slave to Love

In April 2021 I was at an online event where we addressed a number of questions including "If you could rapidly spread one new idea on the topic of health, what would it be?"

Love connects...

I asked Marc Pierson this question, as he was a high ranking medic and long time campaigner for innovation in health systems. His answer? Without hesitation, "Love yourself, and others".

Love changes everything!

It is the most powerful force known to humanity.

Yet we often fear and avoid it. Why do we do that?

# Love your Work

I loved my work. I loved it so much I would have done it for nothing. I was there because I loved it. And it showed.

My partner at the time did not love his work. He went to work for money to spend on what he truly loved (which was mountaineering, diving and cycling.)

He spent most of his time doing something he didn't love.

He is not alone in this. Many people do what they do for money not for love. And we all suffer for it.

I am reminded of this because my niece is in her final year at university and is thinking about what she is going to do. She is planning to do a teaching qualification in the year ahead and train to become a maths teacher.

I wonder is this what she loves? I wonder if she knows what she loves? And if she did whether she would dare to do it. What is holding her back? What is holding all of us back? Until we address these questions there will be a lot of heartache in the world.

Imagine a world where we all did what we loved...

# Wisdom of 4 year olds

Do what you love...

There was a time when my niece knew exactly what she loved. 17 years ago, when she was just 4 years old, I was having a hard time. I was lost and I asked her what she thought I should do. (We were playing on some swings at a playground at the time....) Her answer was immediate, "Do what I do, Do what you love."

I wonder what happened to change the 4 year old focussed on love to the 21 year old? And dare I ask her what she thinks now?

# Love your Relationships

This doesn't just apply to work. It also applies to our relationships. We find ourselves with people we don't love, or at least don't love any more. Maybe we never really loved them?

Why do we stay? Out of fear? For money? Maybe we believe that is all there is? Maybe we stay because it's easier to stay. Maybe for security. But there is no security without love.

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If you are going to be a slave, be a slave to love!

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