Imagineering Education

Potential Players: Me, Marc, Jamie Keeling, Noah Williams, Christopher Chase, Gary Smith, Dennis Sherwood, Denise Brouder, John Foley

Thompson Morrison, Matthew Shapiro, John Simms, Peter T, Namrata,

Our education systems are not ethical. The UK education system destroys our creativity and creates the illusion of answers and fear.

YOUTUBE YR5ApYxkU-U Another Brick in the Wall

Just off a great call with Gary and Chris Chase talking about education and systems. As you know I'm involved in Map the System this year (doing webinars for participants.) I'd like there to be a competition for children ( under 18's) MtS for children...but going further (not just mapping but intervention on behalf of a local community). We would engage schools or groups like Brownies/guides etc. I think the ISSS should be the umbrella org...I'm happy to do the organising....maybe together with MtS (Oxford uni). We could get sponsorship from org'ns (I'd ask my old clients) for prize money etc. We could launch it at the ISSS conference. I'm very excited!

YOUTUBE I8GlZsvwmKc Discussion Gary, Christopher and I 13/3/21

# Systems Citizenship (Systems R Us)

My latest idea is to extend/open up the Map the System competition to children and communities. Bring in the ISSS and some big sponsors (like Nestle! Maybe also Shell!) Extend it from simply mapping to intervening in real systems (emphasising long term system care) and sharing learning in a community of practice. There is a business model there people could join me and make a living helping people help themselves and generating high wellbeing and creativity.

# Merging Designed Ingenuity & Systems Thinking (DIST-ance?)

Opportunity to create emergence by merging systems thinking and Thompson's DIG. We have an experiment scheduled at St Ebbe's school (potential lighthouse school for UK) starting wc 19 April 2021. I am participating in a designed Ingunuity DIG on "Graceful Expansion" wc 15 March 2021 and then a school DIG in Australia wc 22 March 2021.

Link to Noah and friends redesigning of the edcuation system in Plectica here .