Fell Pony Heritage Centre

A Fell Pony at Work

Over the years since leaving the consulting world I have donated my skills to a number of projects.

One of these is a project to create a Fell Pony Heritage Centre in Cumbria.

You can read more about the project here .

I wrote an article, "Helping Hoof for the Fells", to publicise the project which was published in Cumbria magazine in September 2017. See this link . I have a pdf of the article for interested parties.

The photograph captures Libby Robinson and her partner, David Pooley, driving two of their herd of fell ponies in the Limousin countryside.

Can you spot me?

You can access some short films about the ponies and their people here .

David Murray has done sterling work to raise attention to the plight of the fell pony in its natural environment. Access David's research papers on the impact of the wild ponies and his walk along Hadrian's Wall with two of them here .