Climate Change

YOUTUBE sKcKGaeB5m0 Climate Change: A Catalyst for Human Emergence

“Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal” according to the IPCC. The key questions are, what is causing this, and what can we do about it?

I have examined the models developed by various institutions, their proposed interventions and the potential future implications.

In the immortal words of George Box, “all models are wrong, but some are useful”. The question is, which ones?

I have researched and developed causal loop diagrams of climate dynamics. I have also worked with children in the UK and India using these tools to explore their perspectives.

Greta Thunberg calls out to us, “I want you to act like your house is on fire”. So why is so little being done?

Two years ago, a very big house caught fire in West London: Grenfell Tower.I have worked on an exercise to understand the cause and effect interactions that resulted in the fatalities at Grenfell. This work has some vital implications for our action on climate change.

Systems thinking tells us we must consider the whole, yet even systems thinkers have persisted in optimising the parts.

Ultimately, in terms of the planetary system, there is only one whole. All other things are parts of that whole. They are subsystems.

Climate change reminds us of this basic truth. We can save humanity (and ourselves) from major impacts with the small yet hugely significant decisions we take each day of our lives, and how we treat the land in our care.

In those decisions lies the chance for us to emerge as truly systemic beings with a strong and reverent connection to the single system we are all a part of.

World problems solved courtesy of Genwise. source

The causal loop diagram in the photograph was created by a group of 12-15 year old children in Bangalore. This model titled "How to save the World" reveals that its quite simple really: Quit the greed or expect war!! The ultimate tragedy of the commons! Another busy day at Bangalore International School with GenWise. See Passage to India

A poem about climate change: Man Kind?

And here is a link to Christopher Chase's materials for student engagement in environmental problems. That was the first unit, they had a month to watch all videos and provide their opinion for each of the 12 topics.

And here is the second unit which was again 1 month


# To find out more You can read a blog Dennis Sherwood wrote on Gaia Theory here: Gaia Theory .

You can access a link to Walter Jehne's alternative natural solution to climate change here: The Soil Carbon Sponge .

YOUTUBE vpTHi7O66pI Alan Savory: TED talk on the solution to Climate Change

YOUTUBE 123y7jDdbfY Walter Jehne with Didi Pershouse

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