A Way Forward

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." W. B. Yeats

# New Rationale/Narrative

We are all systems thinkers

The best ones are the manipulators and disrupters (ie unethical) (quoting a participant at recent eSyntegration experiment.)

Corporations/BORG (Big business, Banks, Organised Religion, Government) are unethical (pursuit of shareholder value is unethical!)

Most people end up as wage slaves in the BORG….then it is difficult to extract yourself. Few will go through the pain I went through.

Current education system feeds the above.

Incorporating systems thinking in the existing system will just make things worse. (my original idea!)

Covid has disrupted education and opened up the space for virtual and home schooling.

People are losing their jobs and it is more difficult to find fulfilling stable new ones.

Meaningful employment is the key (a Lancashire head teacher told me this, when I asked what would make the most difference to kids in his school.)

A new Systems based education system to enable kids to create new ethical local businesses would break the chain.

To be successful people in the community need to support these new businesses and stop supporting unethical corporates. Link to Marc’s work.

Through this we can change the world!

How to make this happen?

Interestingly this societal model would also help mitigate global warming....

My research proposal proposed 4 interventions: (1) ST as a new separate subject (exam boards); (2) ST used to teach other subjects (I tried Maths, Geography but could be biology or history); (3) ST used to manage a school as a system (St Ebbe's, Oxford); (4) A new Intelligent Action based education system….

These interventions were wrapped in a PhD….BUT the PhD is not giving me what I was looking for in terms of support or return on investment of money and time. Interventions (1) to (3) would only serve to reinforce the existing system...

NB This new education system would need to help prevent ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)....

And help children discover and nurture their talent: See Krishnamurti on Education